That means the take home is around $170 million dollars in tonights MegaMillions drawing. Congratulations you’ve won! You now have to build a Botanical Garden somewhere in the World. Where would you build it? What kind of Garden would it be? Who would you hire to help build your dream?

Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal, India

[How about a Taj Mahal? nah, not enough money, besides it’s really the Worlds most famous tombstone]

So what about this:

brookgreen gardesn

[Brookgreen Gardens down in Myrtle Beach, SC]

Quite the place Brookgreen, I’m sure you could get it done for $170 million on a cheaper piece of property. Any ideas yet . . . how about another off the wall jolt of inspiration, something with an historical bent, an homage to the ancients, and sustainable sculpture to boot:carhenge

[Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska]

Carhenge needs lots of Botanical stuff, and a few trees (like the rest of Nebraska) to get to the Botanical part going. But you got to admit the car sculpture is a great conversation starter. You need those starters to get the excitement going, draw in that initial crowd, create a buzz, promo material, etc.

Not exotic enough? How about something really exotic, really strange, wild plants, otherworldly almost . . .


[Lotusland in Santa Barbara, CA a truly fantastic place]

Monuments, sculpture, water, fantastical horticulture take your pick. Find a theme, what would it be? Tell me about it. I’d love to hear the daydreams for your fantasy Botanical Garden.

As I finish this post up the numbers have just come out . . . 16-22-29-39-42-(20) . . . well, I guess I’ll be back tomorrow with another post 😦

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