Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

I’ll make this post a simple one. I’ve known Pearl Fryar for a very long time and there’s going to come a day when he is unable to take care of this magnificent garden and we need to make sure his vision stay’s alive. “I like to let people see what they want to in… Continue reading Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

An Appreciation of Stone(49)

Apparently South Carolina(and me) are all abuzz, because Chris Williams found a rock in a box. Not any ordinary rock but a rock that looks like South Carolina. You know I had one of these once, hell I turned it into a table, mine was/is bigger than his, anyway . . . Apparently Williams was… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone(49)

Robert Marvin

Every so often I have been fortunate enough to meet the man whose work I have come to respect and study. In this field of Landscape Design this had/has happened to me several times. Robert Marvin was one of those people. Mr. Marvin died in 2001 after getting along to the age of age 81,… Continue reading Robert Marvin

$370 Million Dollars

That means the take home is around $170 million dollars in tonights MegaMillions drawing. Congratulations you’ve won! You now have to build a Botanical Garden somewhere in the World. Where would you build it? What kind of Garden would it be? Who would you hire to help build your dream? [How about a Taj Mahal?… Continue reading $370 Million Dollars

Trac-hoes, 100 Ton Cranes, and VERY Large Boulders.

posted; 07/19/06 I have just put up what I am going to call a “project page” on my website. It concerns this sculptural piece that I named Ascension It is on a hillside going into a large city in South Carolina, and I had hoped it would look like whitewater tumbling off the hillside. In… Continue reading Trac-hoes, 100 Ton Cranes, and VERY Large Boulders.

Sandstone Slabs

posted; 06/30/06 Here’s a few shots thrown together of a few projects that I had put together with some sandstone. The bench in the upper-right is a sandstone called Tennessee Web-wall. I guess the locals have named it as such because the striking rings of mineral elements in the sandstone look like webbing. I’ve not… Continue reading Sandstone Slabs