An Appreciation of Stone(49)

Apparently South Carolina(and me) are all abuzz, because Chris Williams found a rock in a box. Not any ordinary rock but a rock that looks like South Carolina. You know I had one of these once, hell I turned it into a table, mine was/is bigger than his, anyway . . . Apparently Williams was […]

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Robert Marvin

Every so often I have been fortunate enough to meet the man whose work I have come to respect and study. In this field of Landscape Design this had/has happened to me several times. Robert Marvin was one of those people. Mr. Marvin died in 2001 after getting along to the age of age 81, […]

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$370 Million Dollars

That means the take home is around $170 million dollars in tonights MegaMillions drawing. Congratulations you’ve won! You now have to build a Botanical Garden somewhere in the World. Where would you build it? What kind of Garden would it be? Who would you hire to help build your dream? [How about a Taj Mahal? […]

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Walkway Pergola

This pergola was designed to guide visitors down a small, simple, straight walkway around to a small hidden seating area, and utility space. It was important that the pergola create some visual interest from afar because it sat at the end of a driveway. What I would like to point out about this pergola is […]

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More on the Sandstone Bench

posted, 11/27/06 From the yard, a look before final facing Comments, e-mails, even a phone call. Thought I would show a few more shots of this rather large bench. You can see part of the walkway, a combination of pavers, sandstone slabs, and wood for the bridge. A look from top of walkway: This is […]

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Ascension, more Images.

posted; 07/22/06 [Moving a small one] I posted about this project on Wednesday the 19th, and mentioned something about putting more photos online-well then go here if you have some time to kill. There are images for the drawings I completed for the proposal and many shots of the job in action, including a traffic […]

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Sandstone Slabs

posted; 06/30/06 Here’s a few shots thrown together of a few projects that I had put together with some sandstone. The bench in the upper-right is a sandstone called Tennessee Web-wall. I guess the locals have named it as such because the striking rings of mineral elements in the sandstone look like webbing. I’ve not […]

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