Pergola Drawing early Conceptual (2)

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pergola drawing in pencil

[This was 1st sketch for site]

I drew this before yesterday’s posted drawing. I like to work really rough, really fast trying to get a feel for how elements would play out in the given space. By the way; a drawing like this is not something I am doing to show a client-this drawing style of rough conceptuals is how I like to think through the problem.

When I started designing concepts by rendering it was weird at 1st because what little I knew(about design) we did in plan view. Well clients cannot read a plan view landscape drawing. That plan view drawing doesn’t tell a client how they will live in the space, or how the designed structures relate to the space and the people in those spaces.
This pergola needed to be big, and it had to have some large overhead to be visually strong enough to be seen a couple hundred feet-from several directions. Other than that I was given no directive, which is not unusual for commercial work . . . for me anyway. The direction I usually get for commercial/industrial is;

“Come up with something different, and use that space over there, and uh, fix the entrance“.

No different this time. Something for the open space between parking and the entry, and a waterfall for the entry. I will post the color rendering of the pergola tomorrow and share the response to the pergola idea from the owner of the course.

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