It Never Happened

This addition to the deck, a new railing and walk, new set of steps, a pond and totally new landscape plantings was an eye-opener. The Inside For the homeowners it had come down to the large changes outside vs. the addition to the size of the kitchen. The drawings and estimate were put together for… Continue reading It Never Happened

Sign, Sign, Everywhere’s a Sign

Some rendering possibilities for sign for a business I have done some work for in the past So this is one idea above and then I thought about drawing another idea, this one mostly for myself. Looking at this as I am writing . . . doesn’t that look like a wishing well? Sorta, it’s… Continue reading Sign, Sign, Everywhere’s a Sign

Designing Mice Under the Carpet

In my previous post I spent some time talking about berms and such, plus some other fun nonsense. Fun nonsense? . . . and I must say some very practical nonsense on designing berms. Mounds??? Notice I do not call these mounds. Why? Well they’re not. They are not mounds . . . as in… Continue reading Designing Mice Under the Carpet

Designing an Identity

A quick landscape study for a client. This is part of a much larger conceptual idea I have for frontage in front of 3 office buildings. These 3 buildings and 2 others form a “campus like setting” that is divided by one public two lane road. 1 building on one side of the street and… Continue reading Designing an Identity