It Never Happened

This addition to the deck, a new railing and walk, new set of steps, a pond and totally new landscape plantings was an eye-opener. The Inside For the homeowners it had come down to the large changes outside vs. the addition to the size of the kitchen. The drawings and estimate were put together for […]

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From the Sketchbook(12)

It’s a Oldie! About the second after I finished this page of sketches I received a phone call telling me the project went kaput. So that was that. I think I was on to something here, but, alas . . . . . Another rendering from this went nowhere. Below is a rendering for a […]

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A Squidoo Lens on Moleskines

I decided to play around a little further with lens’ on the Squidoo site. This time I am showing some renderings and sketches from my Moleskine notebooks. These Squidoo pages are a pretty quick, easy painless way to promote an idea, thought, process, group of something etc., and get it out to the World. Publish […]

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Design Principles (07)

Let’s move a little further along my list of what I consider The 10 Basic Principles of Design. Remember this list? Ten Building Blocks to Design-Design at it’s Most Primitive 7 physical and 3 Sensory Elements=The 10 Basics of  Design Physical Elements: Point: where everything starts. Line: the connection of two points. Plane: connection of […]

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Designing an Identity

A quick landscape study for a client. This is part of a much larger conceptual idea I have for frontage in front of 3 office buildings. These 3 buildings and 2 others form a “campus like setting” that is divided by one public two lane road. 1 building on one side of the street and […]

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Another Moleskine Page

Here’s 2 pages from the 2008 CENTS Show. It’s a lecture on stone by Gordon Hayward. A lot of his talk was showing work by Dan Snow and other stone masons/jobs/art peices up in the New England area. Whenever a image popped up that I really liked I started sketching as fast as possible and […]

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The Stages of a Color Rendering

A client asked me to render a redesigned boardwalk area. These are the steps I went through to make that happen. The above is a simple pen drawingdone fairly quickly, giving the client an opportunity to see what possibilities for the future may hold. Above I have kept the color rendering on top of the […]

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Water and Ink

Keeping up my drawing theme this week. Some really interesting pen and ink work, that is just fascinating. Just follow along and then be amazed . . . I was. Wow! That is really great stuff. Now I am just going to have to figure out how to take this great skill and apply it […]

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Green, and all it’s Shades

A little something from my looking at the color green. One of those days when I was just trying to get my mind right to start working on a drawing. Foliage Fooling around on something like this reminds me again, why more designers need to look at foliage and not just the color of the […]

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