2008 ANLA Management Clinic (4)

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ANLA Management clinic logoSo did I get to the 8 O’clock session? I will never tell.

I want to do a longer post on Steve Farber, author of Radical Leap, for now let me drop a few lines on you from his Conference ending keynote speech.

On audacious leaders, and how they think:

“Not outside the box, but . . . what box?”

On leadership:

“The moment you step into a leadership role, people watch everything you do. The they see if you follow everything you say you’re going to do.”



It was a very good way to end the conference. Lots of great energy going out the door.

A line I heard earlier that morning.

What ever you do keep it pretty.”

The Clinic has another great year, the only thing keeping it from being awesome was the fact that I was not on the speaker list . . . . ha! Well maybe next year the programming committee will come back to their senses. Are you guys reading this?

Mark your Calendars now Feb. 6th thru the 9th, 2009.

2 Replies to “2008 ANLA Management Clinic (4)”

  1. Rick,
    What can I say? Another great Giant Bird Institute Summit! Although I have a hard time hanging with you and Jamie. You old guys are tough.
    Great to see you this year as always. Looking forward to my 14th clinic next year and another “meeting of the minds” in the “conservatory”.
    I will check in with you from time to time. Good Luck and God Bless in 08.

    Bill Ross
    aka CEO Giant Duck Institute

    Yes, yes the yearly Summit is now beginning to become quite the event, regular folks are now flocking to the event just hoping to catch a whisper or two of our conversation.
    Old guys, tough . . . . it’s true, we are dirty in the trenches, and just think about it the ’09 event is only 360 days or so away.

  2. The program was indeed a great one. Probably one of the best conferences I have ever attended from a standpoint of content, planned opportunity events (i.e. networking) and overall planning and execution.

    But, I found that the REAL “juice” is not only in the “jam”, but between the programming. So, how do we all use that juice? Not just the information or inspiration we gather from the speakers?

    Anyone have a tried and true method of capturing and using that juice. Are you getting what I am saying?

    I have taken ideas from the “hallways and went back and either directly applied them or indirectly applied them . . . find out what works for me. Like most humans we have no problems finding ideas, or earning, or creating ideas-it’s the “acting upon them” that is the real key.

    In work as in life.

    It’s sort of like a great opportunity, how may actually act upon it? In the end I truly believe it’s what separates people . . . how we act, or do not act on great ideas, opportunities, or daily life.

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