Back in March of last year I wrote a long post about Carl Linnaeus, Horologium flore, and the Flower Clock. I wrote something to the effect of how cool and idea it was and that I was not that thrilled with the idea of pulling this off on a practical basis.

Let alone an impractical one.

flower-clock, Horologium flore

[At this site and many other sites on the web.]

Well it seems Joel Lerner is more gun-ho on the idea. Joel has published a very fine article in the Washington Post on the Horologium flore from Feb 9th of this year. The best thing about his article is a very detailed and long plant list.

Joel has even added times when plants tend to open.

He seems more practical about the idea and comes at it from a “let’s do this today“, as opposed to my, “hey look at what these wacky guys were thinking about“. Kind of thing.


Another great clock from the Kirchler Society blog


[Kircher’s Sunflower Clock.]

Something Else

On a really unrelated not here’s a link to another really weird/cool site with a look at interesting graphics, video’s and art-related stuff called a Near Life Experience, it’s worth a look . . . . if you know what I mean.

A Design Question?

Even though I don’t get much comment when it comes to questions, I tend to get e-mail.

Here’s one for the comment section. Has anyone ever asked for a Horologium flore?

2 Replies to “More on the Flower Clock”

  1. No, but I want to now!

    Those are simply gorgeous. Thanks for the link to the Washington Post article – I missed it.

    Maybe the clock/garden will go great with the new house.

    As far as finding Joel’s article; well , , , , I’m hear to serve 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I was happy to see your article. I’ve been researching these types of flowers for a while but have been having a difficult time finding descriptions of the opening and closing times of modern cultivars that may be easier to find.

    I manage a children’s garden at the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center and part of our garden has a small section devoted to ‘time plants’. We have morning glories, four o’clocks, pimpernel, daylilies but I would like more that are perennial or self seed regularly in addition to what we have. Do you have any specific suggestions? Since we are on a limited budget, anything that is voluntarily returns each season and that spreads nicely is good for us. We find that the four o’clocks that a long time to return from seed.

    I am enjoying your blog.

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