Rick Anderson sketchDo you have an interest in changing your life?

Are you willing to make the commitment?

Do you want to be a Professional Landscape Designer? How about working for yourself and not for the man?

If you’re thinking about this or some other goal, and just continue to think about it without really acting on this “interest” . . . that’s exactly what you have an interest.

Instead of a commitment to make the real change-to make the big change . . . to go for it.

In other words

It’s like a Bacon and Eggs breakfast

The chicken has an interest in making a better breakfast . . . now the pig, he’s committed.

Go past the doubts, the fears, the anxiety . . . become that pig.

One Reply to “Interest vs. Commitment”

  1. I LOOVe this analogy. It’s funny though, for me, it was backwards. I was never the chicken. I had the fears and anxiety AFTER I became the bacon. Now I just bring home the BACON!

    See the bacon, be the bacon.

    Just make the commitment and do the best you can that’s all anyone can really ask of you.

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