Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets

They flew in on their private jets with their hats in their hand. The Ford CEO made over 36 million last year and is supposed to make over 9 million bucks this year. He was asked about restructing his salary . . . ” no comment”, replied the Ford CEO. These 3 bums got 25… Continue reading Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets

APLD on the Hudson

If you just got back from the APLD Summer Conference drop me a line and let me know how it went. Or if you feel like bitchin’ about the conference do the same thing. Fell like shouting superlatives about the conference . . . .eave it in the comments. Didn’t go? Why not? Leave that… Continue reading APLD on the Hudson

My Desk this AM

Here’s how things looked early this morning at Rick Anderson central. [ Computer, markers, moleskine, photo’s, more markers, another moleskine, ] As we pan to the right a look at the drawing table. [ Ah, that drawing on the bottom looks ready to go, time to start another. ] Addendum: Need some design work done?… Continue reading My Desk this AM

A Tale of Two Levels

[ A ink line drawing, for me this one one of many concept sketches of the area. ] Possible solution for some student seating between two apartment buildings for upper level and graduate students. The newer apartments off to the left are about 4.0ft higher than the existing apartments to the right. The Task I… Continue reading A Tale of Two Levels