Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets

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They flew in on their private jets with their hats in their hand. mad typist gif

The Ford CEO made over 36 million last year and is supposed to make over 9 million bucks this year.

He was asked about restructing his salary . . . ” no comment”, replied the Ford CEO.

These 3 bums got 25 million coming and are asking for 25 million more. The GM CEO said he’d probably be back for more.

“How much more?” asked the politician, “I got no idea” answered the powerful exec.

I’m mad as hell

Aren’t all of you mad about this? My business is down, way down. I see no bailout for me. I would hazard to guess that no one reading this is in line for a bailout either.

U.S. Government
U.S. Government

But these incompetent boobs who’ve been doing a lousy job for over 25 years are asking for billions as they fly around in private jets making millions of dollars and plenty of crummy cars no one wants.

Vote out all dem bums

If those morons in Washington give them the money, and you KNOW it won’t be enough money. . . we MUST vote them out of office.

I have written to both Senators and my Representative letting them know where I stand.

I know this doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Landscaping or Landscape Design.

But enough, is enough . . .

Something pretty from a nicer day:

Western Cedar, a nice large Pergola
Western Cedar, a nice large Pergola

Man I just had to get that out, I’m really steamed about this. When they were sitting at the table and accepting no real responsibility for where they had taken their companies. None . . . zero, zip, zilch.

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