The Toyota Truck

We are in the Landscape business, at least most of us are in one form or another and trucks are important to us, out lifeblood . . . it’s how we roll!

I’m sure that if we ever got together we could all sit around the keg, er . . . campfire and tell some good stories about our favorite truck, our favorite trip and over load of said truck, or maybe some weird incident we had with a truck.

Heck we could even tall some truck horror stories. Well this is a story about a truck, a certain type of truck a Toyota Hilux 2.4 Deisel, and it’s one hell of a story:

Skipping to part 3, those boys at Top Gear are dropping it in a building demo, over 240ft.:

2 Replies to “The Toyota Truck”

  1. I say build a plinth and put it on top as a museum piece for all time.

    These were indeed grand trucks. They are used all over the world.

    Definitely, this Toyota should be saved for all time.

    I’m ready to go out and find one of those HiLux deisels and put about 400,000 miles on it!

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