Big News for ANLA and OFA

The big merger Members of OFA — The Association of Horticulture Professionals and the American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) have voted in overwhelming support of the consolidation of the two organizations into a new, national trade association to serve the entire horticulture industry. The announcement on September 28 followed a 30-day open ballot and… Continue reading Big News for ANLA and OFA

Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

This quote from Warren Buffet seems to make a lot of great sense to me, I mean how hard is it to become a expert in one field, let alone a expert in two fields. The CENTS show is coming up in OHIO, and the ANLA Mgmt Clinic is coming up in Louisville, KY. Two… Continue reading Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

Industry Shortages Coming?

I always knew that the decline of the housing market was going to hurt/effect our industry for years. It’s a true game changer and there are going to be losers and survivors. I doubt there will be many outright winners. So . . .  I was reading through my ANLA forum and this letter showed… Continue reading Industry Shortages Coming?

ANLA Mgmt Clinic, Opening Morning

Clinic 2010

Kick-Off Well the Clinic kicked off this morning with a lively start. Norm Brodsky was the kickoff keynote and he delivered a timely message on business, employees, and customers. A couple of nuggets from the talk. “Customers remember what you do, don’t forget that.” Another one . . . “If you don’t have a life… Continue reading ANLA Mgmt Clinic, Opening Morning

ANLA; Mgmt Clinic, A Stick in my Side

There he was, sitting dead center-left side of the aisle in the very front row. The absolute maximum exposure spot to get the Presenter’s attention . . . the perfect spot. Green Waste The talk was on turning Green Waste into a positive, the speaker was from a German company GaLaBau Energy(BIOFerm), and sponsored by… Continue reading ANLA; Mgmt Clinic, A Stick in my Side

ANLA Mgmt Clinic (1)

Last night I worked the 1st event as a “new attendee” moderator, at the table Colorado, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, California, and Montreal-Canada. Typical of the kind of table you can expect to sit at during the clinic. Viewpoints from around the country. As someone at the table said Generalizations can be dangerous, and your… Continue reading ANLA Mgmt Clinic (1)

Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets(2)

I hear it everyday, and now from everywhere. Our industry-the real Green Industry, is bracing itself for a Nantucket sleigh ride from hell. 2009 is not going to be for the weak of heart. I’m calling it now . . .  all sissies to the sidelines. It’ll probably be the worst year in the Green… Continue reading Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets(2)