Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

I’ll make this post a simple one. I’ve known Pearl Fryar for a very long time and there’s going to come a day when he is unable to take care of this magnificent garden and we need to make sure his vision stay’s alive. “I like to let people see what they want to in… Continue reading Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

Vitenam: A Different Story

Napalm in the Morning

An hour long documentary Entertaining Vietnam. Entertainers who didn’t perform at the large base or with the Bob hope tour but those who went to the small out of the way forward bases and more dangerous areas of South Vietnam. A very different look and a unique story well told. Anyone interested in the Vietnam… Continue reading Vitenam: A Different Story


I started this blog to write about the profession of Landscape Design, and a few other things(see elevator speech). Well this is another one of those other things. Part of Landscape Design is Landscaping, and part of Landscaping is dealing with trees . .. still with me? Trees where do they grow? Why it’s in… Continue reading Lumberjacking