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I’ll make this post a simple one. I’ve known Pearl Fryar for a very long time and there’s going to come a day when he is unable to take care of this magnificent garden and we need to make sure his vision stay’s alive.

“I like to let people see what they want to in my plants. The creativity comes in making a shape that speaks to me in one way but may say something else to everyone else.” – Pearl Fryar

If there is anyway you can help please do, know you are helping preserve a great American garden by a great American topiarist and artist, and one hell of a great man.


Make a donation today and help ensure Pearl’s magnificent garden is kept open to inspire future generations. Funding is needed for staff, tools, plants, repair work, and visitor information.

Click here to make an online tax-deductible contribution to the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden.

To make a donation to the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden by US mail, please send correspondence to:

The Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden

PO Box 1111

Bishopville, SC 29010

Note: Checks must be made out to Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc. in order to be tax-deductible.

To make a contribution to the Pearl Fryar Scholarship Fund, please visit the scholarship website.

via Donations.

Check out his Facebook Page

DVD is excellent, if you don’t have this I highly recommend A Man Named Pearl


Jan 31, 2011 – Topiary Demonstration given by Mr. Pearl Fryar on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Pitt County Agricultural Auditorium.

Pearl, the artist at work
Pearl, just another afternoon in the garden
That’s one of Pearl’s water fountains in the background. Wearing his beloved Gamecock hat.
Pearl’s backyard, no other like it in the world.
— Pearl Fryar —

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