Tom Stuart-Smith Hits the Big Time

Tom Stuart-Smith Takes the English Garden Global The designer works everywhere from Wisconsin to India’s Kerala. When a landscape designer gets a write-up in the Wall Street Journal you know they’ve hit the big time. This is the kind of publicity you just can’t buy. So it is the time for Tom Stuart-Smith the English […]

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It’s May

For those of you in the profession that’s all I would have to write: It’s May Is it ever, things are alway like this(thankfully) in the Northern climates this time of year. That great sense of “May” urgency. The average client procrastinates calling the contractor as do many, many others-everyone calls all at once. Screaming. […]

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Practice that Sketching

A few examples of different stages of doodling to quick sketches for a job. Keep practicing, and keep drawing to sharpen the hand/eye co-ordination. Also to pick up speed, speed comes from practice and confidence. Speed comes from practice and confidence, the training leads you to trust your skills. [Some quick line to get the […]

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Steps; Design to Build

I have decided that yesterday’s addendum deserved a stand alone post. I have also added 4 links at the bottom that will send you to older post that also deal with this same subject matter. Yesterday: Addendum: Here again we are dealing with the steps in the design process. I can’t seem to get past […]

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A link kind of day

Some old Doodle A interesting article from Southern California about ripping out the yard and filling it full of plants. Katie Campbell has written a book called Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, here’s an excerpt: In her book, Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, Campbell explores 29 sites, from Parc Guell, Gaudi’s Art Nouveau extravaganza in […]

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A Front Entry Fountain (2)

posted, 11/00/06 This drawing goes with previous renderings. Okay all the hemming and hawing about the fountain and where it goes, what goes with it, or not with it, etc . . . . well here it is. This is a photo that was shot off the drawing board right after I had finished this […]

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Residential Plan View Drawing

posted, 09/20/06 Residential Plan View This is an example of a plan view drawing. Most in this industry call this the master plan drawing. The reasoning behind this, everything is on the plan. The hardscape layouts, fence lines, driveway, bed areas, and all plants are labeled.

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