A Few Things on My Mind

Some odds and ends I have been wanting to share, and a few comments about them. Adding a Blog It’s been awhile. Quite awhile actually, I can’t even remember the last time I added a Blog to the list over on the WCI Links page. Well then, I guess it’s time. the blog is Daisy […]

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Design Process

Here is a look at a backyard for a couple who does a lot of entertaining, and needs the appropriate space to do just that-entertain in a highly stylized way. [Everything is new or different.] The patio is extra large to accommodate a tent for larger more formal gatherings. More on this job over the […]

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The Art of Pergola Design (3)

This is another pergola drawing for an area between 2 small apartment buildings. One unit holding 6 apartments, and the other 10. It was easy to see on the initial visit there was no place to gather. There needs to be a place where these students could spend some time together outside . . . […]

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Stages of a Presentation Rendering

3 stages of a drawing for a proposed residential water feature. It started with a photograph from the site and goes from there. [red pencil, and light colors for stone and tree trunks] [black line on stone, and color for supporting plants] [sky(rough), final black lines, and labeling] This is one half of a larger […]

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