A Few Things on My Mind

Some odds and ends I have been wanting to share, and a few comments about them. Adding a Blog It’s been awhile. Quite awhile actually, I can’t even remember the last time I added a Blog to the list over on the WCI Links page. Well then, I guess it’s time. the blog is Daisy… Continue reading A Few Things on My Mind

The Art of Pergola Design (4), and More

In the previous post several objectives were mentioned for the next drawing of the(I’ll call it) plaza/pergola area: This questioning and working through logistics led to me being asked if I could tweak this drawing some. Could I show it with brick columns? Could I show it with the overhead in white? Leading to what… Continue reading The Art of Pergola Design (4), and More

Stages of a Presentation Rendering

3 stages of a drawing for a proposed residential water feature. It started with a photograph from the site and goes from there. [red pencil, and light colors for stone and tree trunks] [black line on stone, and color for supporting plants] [sky(rough), final black lines, and labeling] This is one half of a larger… Continue reading Stages of a Presentation Rendering

Color Rendering of Ornamental Grass (2)

[ 3buildings . . . 3 separate solutions. ] The lower rendering is the one I had previously posted. the ones above flank this middle building. Left and right respectfully. The idea presented to me was “come up with 3 separate landscape-give each building it’s own identity.” Being built at the same time, for the… Continue reading Color Rendering of Ornamental Grass (2)

Pergola Drawing early Conceptual (5)

By now those of you who’ve been following this job (haven’t been? please read previous 4 post) know that the pergola idea is long gone. Replacing that idea . . . some sort of ruins or a folly. Patrick McAfee gave a great perspective from a European (Ireland, is he) point of view in a… Continue reading Pergola Drawing early Conceptual (5)