Hot Tub . . . where does it go? (2)

posted, 09/27/06
Looking from the Other Direction

This drawing was done to show the homeowners how this would look from the other direction. This view shows the relationship between the new patio and the small retaining wall. The patio shown here really gives the viewer a better idea of its size for the new landscape.

I stayed with the square layout for the patio, because it plays off the square base of the hot-tub. A square patio fits nicely with the straight lines of the short retaining wall and the straight lines of the deck.

For those of you not familiar with this type of design. Straight lines, all right angles, strong squares means we are looking at Geometric design as opposed to Curvilinear or naturalistic.

Geometric must be harder to pull off because just about every landscape I see these days is some sort of wavy line-usually a weak/lazy wavy line. Which everyone likes to call naturalistic; or, “ooooh, look how natural . . . oooh” Aaahhhh!!! Enough to drive me crazy!

By Rick Anderson

The Whispering Crane Institute was originally formed to act as the umbrella organization for the Philosophy of Design Symposium, and other seminars and workshops given by Rick Anderson and Richard L. Dube’. In the year 2000 WCI became a sole proprietorship owned by Rick Anderson. Today the WCI provides design and consultation services for Landscape Contractors, acts as a Green Industry think tank, and provides training for others in the form of workshops, seminars, and individual consulting. The WCI also provides written material, opinions, case-studies and how-to articles for industry trade magazines.

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