When your Client Wants Everything

The interview with a client is a very understated part of the design process. Here is our chance to really get into the mind of the client a chance to find out not only what they need, and what they really want in their landscape. How is this part of the design process is so… Continue reading When your Client Wants Everything

The Garden “above” the Hot Tub

posted, 09/28/06 The Garden Entry This concept drawing was to give the homeowner an idea concerning the changes to the upper terrace. Turn the space into a perennial and cutting garden. It is the only part of the yard getting full sun through mid-day and the afternoon.

Hot Tub . . . where does it go? (2)

posted, 09/27/06 Looking from the Other Direction This drawing was done to show the homeowners how this would look from the other direction. This view shows the relationship between the new patio and the small retaining wall. The patio shown here really gives the viewer a better idea of its size for the new landscape.… Continue reading Hot Tub . . . where does it go? (2)