Stages of a Presentation Rendering

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3 stages of a drawing for a proposed residential water feature. It started with a photograph from the site and goes from there.

stream early layout

[red pencil, and light colors for stone and tree trunks]

Stream, working with the markers

[black line on stone, and color for supporting plants]

Final rendering for client

[sky(rough), final black lines, and labeling]

This is one half of a larger presentation given to a client(residential) For a water feature on the “far” side of the back yard.


Addendum: The quality of the images is not what I hoped for. These drawings were shot with a digital camera and then uploaded, then compressed and uploaded to the site. The lighting in my work space is from two different types of light sources-which does not make for great images.

client original-for stream

[Original-0ne of few times I actually drew on the print-out]

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