I am in the middle of a project where the main focus of the backyard will be a large fireplace that we hope to have anchor one end of the patio.

The fireplace will anchor the end of the patio, and serve as the main gathering space for those on the patio, also becoming the main visual focus from the above/adjoining deck.

Wait there’s more. The fireplace will also anchor a rock outcropping . . . or become part of the rock outcropping. Hmm; to anchor, or to become part of ? . . . that is the question.

fireplace, stone patio

[ Something this large will be the focal.]

How will all the other elements play off of the fireplace? As this design evolves we’ll figure it out. One thing I see right away . . . the patio would look great as large slabs of stone as opposed to pavers-that’s what my gut is telling me right now.

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