I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard

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1st the new wall and gate, I’m really excited about this wall and the planting:

garden wall

[ It’s great, isn’t it? ]

Next I’ve been working real hard on this garden folly:

garden follies

[ You gotta like that naturalistic planting, don’t you? ]

Finally, right behind the back door:

patio space

[ That new walkway really sets it off, doesn’t it? ]

Well that’s about it except for one other small thing.


It’s a small thing.


Well it’s sorta a small thing.


All Fools DayYou do know what day it is . . . don’t you?

Well in that case

Good for you.

Did I get you?

Even for a second.

A millisecond?

Okay then . . .

Happy All Fools Day

It’s a big day for another reason as well . . . well it’s big for me anyway.bird_guiness2.gif
Meaning it’s time for this. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the day, but be careful of people patting you on the backside . . . if you know what I mean.

4 Replies to “I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard”

  1. Actually Rick, The gate, the plantings and the walkway have a distinctive look. But the seasons gave it away.

    Ahhh yes, the season. I’ll tell you what is really funny-the more I look at that, the more I like it!

    There is potential in every setting. Remember the blue man.

    Every setting-all it takes it energy, commitment, time . . . and money. Yep, what would the Blue Men do?

  2. Rick,
    You’ve hit on the idea for a post to rival “Trees We Do Not Like”. Perhaps you could call it…
    “Landscape Travesties” or “Landscape Infractions”. Picture submittal s of unfortunate landscape projects perpetrated by the uninitiated. I could start you off with a few.
    Bill Ross

    I like it, see the post for April 2nd, I hope what you’re sending is not your work. 😉

  3. Today is truly a day for Fools! Have another Guinness and maybe a Sobe for me.
    Jason Heller

    Then we oughta be right at home. I hear you on the Sobe’ brother, I hear you. You still alive out there?

  4. Gotta say, the 2nd photo is the best. I hope someday to have a naturalistic setting like that. Do deer eat that stuff?????

    If it’s ugly and the people really don’t want it in there yards . . . then I’d say deer do not eat the stuff.

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