Commander Sawyers Charge

I am an Ohioan, a proud Ohioan whose family has been in Ohio since; best I can determine, the 1820’s, maybe earlier. I have ancestors who have fought in the Civil War, including a fellow named Kingsbury Sweet who was my grandfather’s, grandfather. So, to no surprise I am interested in stories about Ohio units… Continue reading Commander Sawyers Charge

They call it . . . Plant Chair

Ok gang as I was searching around I stumbled across this “chair“. Thoughts? Opinions? Here’s the promo line: Plants growing around your bum? Yes! This wooden chair by¬†Kinokoto¬†is designed to be a stress-free zone with wells for plants in the seat back. The above is a close-up of the chair and below is the big… Continue reading They call it . . . Plant Chair

I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard

1st the new wall and gate, I’m really excited about this wall and the planting: [ It’s great, isn’t it? ] Next I’ve been working real hard on this garden folly: [ You gotta like that naturalistic planting, don’t you? ] Finally, right behind the back door: [ That new walkway really sets it off,… Continue reading I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard

E-mail Alert:

A note to say I have changed web-host providers for my regular web-site. This has shut down my e-mail address. I hope to have that e-mail back up and running by Monday afternoon. If you are using G-mail I would love to hear from you about it. I am thinking of using it for all… Continue reading E-mail Alert:

Under Construction

On 12/20/06 I started moving my Blo over her from Blogger Beta, they have no way to upload so I am c&p all previous entries, minus the comments . . . which I am going to miss.