Bartholomäus Tulip

I really appreciate finding great watercolors of good looking botanicals. The tulip below is a fine example of this style of painting. The artist is a fellow named Johann Bartholomaus Braun.

Found in an album of 190 watercolour illustrations, entitled ‘Flora Picta’ ca1660. Apparently this is part of a large study documenting the garden of the “Count of Baden-Durlach”.

With a name like that he must have been an important fellow.

Tulip watercolour illustration

[ A very stunning watercolor. ]

I did some searching around for more on ‘Flora Picta’ and found very little, actually almost nothing. I would like to see the rest of the illustrations if they are scanned into the collective internet somewhere.

By Rick Anderson

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  1. Wow, I agree.

    I wonder how these varieties compare with those of today?

    That question is better left to a tulip expert. I doubt I ever become a tulip expert because in my part of the World we are all experts at watching deer lay waste to landscapes.

  2. Love your website. There’s tons of beautiful botanical illustrations at the site. Am about to buy a house with a totally hideous folly in the front yard. Would like to make it into a secret garden for visiting grandchildren, any suggestions?

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