Still getting plenty of comments on “Trees we do not Like”, over a hundred comments. So time for something different. Let’s go off in another direction. Speaking of trees we like: [Illustration by Matthews] This anthropomorphic tree-figure reminded me of the forest coming alive, and how long ago the was respect, mystery, awe, and respect… Continue reading Treebeard

Bartholomäus Tulip

I really appreciate finding great watercolors of good looking botanicals. The tulip below is a fine example of this style of painting. The artist is a fellow named Johann Bartholomaus Braun. Found in an album of 190 watercolour illustrations, entitled ‘Flora Picta’ ca1660. Apparently this is part of a large study documenting the garden of… Continue reading Bartholomäus Tulip

Great Illustrations

My great desire to become a better illustrator as a landscape designer has me always looking at other type of illustration and designed illustration. Here are a couple of examples of what I speak of. Cool stuff, to me anyway 🙂 . [ I think this is great stuff, the detail, the effort. ] Here’s… Continue reading Great Illustrations

Botanicon, plantarum historiae [Tome 1]

These illustrations are from Botanicon, plantarum historiae written in 1565 by Adam Lonicerus. Lonicerus (1528-1586) was from Germany and was a respected author, publisher, physician and involved in some government matters. Like most Medieval figures I’ve studied; who were authors, they were members of several other professions. These 3 illustrations were taken from the book… Continue reading Botanicon, plantarum historiae [Tome 1]