What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

Found out that Mr. Goldsworthy has some new installations, and a couple on new shows going on. Here’s the lowdown. [Immediately tell it’s a Goldsworthy.] I thought this little nugget was quite interesting; For many people, Goldsworthy’s works with blood and excrement are disturbing. But the artist says he is only trying to reflect nature… Continue reading What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

Window of Opportunity

The Stonework of Machu Piccu This photo of Machu Piccu was sent to me by a colleague who has been there several times. The stone work is jaw-dropping. The Inca put these stones together by using other stones to carve the joints. Harder, smaller stones, 1000’s of hours of work to put this wall together.… Continue reading Window of Opportunity