In keeping with the previous post, here is another attempt at a fireplace for this backyard.

outdoor fireplace, firepit, stone fireplace

[Another look at a possible solution for this woodsy backyard. ]

I’m not done cranking out sketches for this fireplace. I have a meeting with the client in a day or so. We’ll see how close I’m getting to their dream of a “fireplace-centric” back yard.

One Reply to “Fireplace Posibility (2)”

  1. NOT certain I like the angle on the right side of fireplace, Like the left side ;more gooder’. DO like, however the wood storage in #3.
    Definitely agree with large stone slabs on patio level. However, I am shooting in the dark, as I Do NOT have a clue as to the style of dwelling with which you are dealing.
    Guess I just have to trust that you know – somewhat – what you are doing. Just kidding
    Have a good day, Rickie
    Well I like the weird angle 🙂 . . . . so there. It fits the style of the house and beyond that, it really “fits the lot”, I had a real strong feeling about this from the moment I walked the property and took in how the house sunk down into the landscape-woods all around with a short walk 60yds or so to a 20-30 acre lake. It’s a great site and will easily handle all the large stone.

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