It Never Happened

This addition to the deck, a new railing and walk, new set of steps, a pond and totally new landscape plantings was an eye-opener. The Inside For the homeowners it had come down to the large changes outside vs. the addition to the size of the kitchen. The drawings and estimate were put together for […]

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From the Sketchbook(12)

It’s a Oldie! About the second after I finished this page of sketches I received a phone call telling me the project went kaput. So that was that. I think I was on to something here, but, alas . . . . . Another rendering from this went nowhere. Below is a rendering for a […]

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The Stages of a Color Rendering

A client asked me to render a redesigned boardwalk area. These are the steps I went through to make that happen. The above is a simple pen drawingdone fairly quickly, giving the client an opportunity to see what possibilities for the future may hold. Above I have kept the color rendering on top of the […]

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Green, and all it’s Shades

A little something from my looking at the color green. One of those days when I was just trying to get my mind right to start working on a drawing. Foliage Fooling around on something like this reminds me again, why more designers need to look at foliage and not just the color of the […]

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The Craft(s)

A Painter Yvette Molina mesmerizes me. She really does. I like the feeling her paintings evoke, the getting lost in the moment. Take a few minutes to look at her work and go deep into her woods, her shadows, her mist. The Architects There is some truly dazzling work to be found at Mass Studies. […]

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Long Ago Design (2)

While looking for a drawing to do a comparative analysis I found this interesting conceptual design. What I have is something very loose and “natural” on the right as opposed to something very geometric in design on the left. The Drawing The idea was giving the client a chance to look at completely opposite ideas […]

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Still getting plenty of comments on “Trees we do not Like”, over a hundred comments. So time for something different. Let’s go off in another direction. Speaking of trees we like: [Illustration by Matthews] This anthropomorphic tree-figure reminded me of the forest coming alive, and how long ago the was respect, mystery, awe, and respect […]

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It’s May

For those of you in the profession that’s all I would have to write: It’s May Is it ever, things are alway like this(thankfully) in the Northern climates this time of year. That great sense of “May” urgency. The average client procrastinates calling the contractor as do many, many others-everyone calls all at once. Screaming. […]

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