Sign, Sign, Everywhere’s a Sign

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Some rendering possibilities for sign for a business I have done some work for in the past

landscape rendering, rendering, PITT markers

So this is one idea above and then I thought about drawing another idea, this one mostly for myself.

landscape design, landscape rendering, markersLooking at this as I am writing . . . doesn’t that look like a wishing well? Sorta, it’s funny that I had never seen this rendering in that light until this very moment. I would say that means something. something about me or the drawing . . . I don’t know.

Well at least the top rendering looks like some sort of planter(stone walls), where the idea is to put some sort of roof over the sign to create opportunity to show off some construction skills and promote a upscale environment.

The above photo was taking cropped from this page of my sketchbook. Some other interesting doodling on the page. I was definitely drawing away!

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