Movin’ On Up-The Skyscraper

Movin’ On Up

Princess Tower, Dubai

Who’s the tallest of them all

I was sent a note on this terrific infographic baecause I was on a list of the top Architectural Blogs(no doubt in the landscape section). The infograph is really well done and everyone knows my love for architecture and the relationship architecture has with landscape design-the need to co-exist, though not so much when we get to the really tall buildings.

Trump World Tower, NY, NY

Though we are seeing the strong trend to build more environmentally sound, eco-friendly, and more green than ever. Besides that every good piece of architecture should have a great foundation around it. The place mat – so to speak. Not just some wilted garnish thrown around the base.

The buildings get higher and higher, let’s hope they can; to a degree, get greener and greener. Though I know we are talking about some abusive logistics for plant material when we get up into rarified air. That’s where the atriums, lobbies, entries, foundations, and park settings around these great buildings become even more important to our physical and mental well-being. The interest continues in high how we go.

Or am I wrong? Are those humans that spend their whole lives in large city environments completely out of touch with the natural world. The closest brush with nature they have is picking up a head of lettuce at their local grocer. I sure hope not.

*I added the building images of the skyscrapers and the pictures at the end of the article. Everything below-the infographic the additional building info, originates from the page. Link to web-page is at bottom of article.

So, on with the show

Movin' On Up
Source: Best Online Engineering Degree

Some more info from the page which is all available at the above link


Skyscrapers, once the domain of businesses, are more and more becoming places to call home, with more than 15 super high-rise buildings constructed in the past couple of years and more than 20 in the works.

One World Trade Center(when finished), NY, NY

Rooms with a View

These 15 residential buildings reach higher than any others in the world. Want to get in on the action? Better visit Dubai.

Building – City – Country – Height (feet) – Floors – Built

  • Princess Tower Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1358.3 101 2012
  • 23 Marina Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1289 90 2012
  • Elite Residence Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1250 91 2012
  • The Marina Torch Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1142 80 2011
  • Q1 Gold Coast, Australia 1058 80 2005
  • HHHR Tower Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1040 72 2009
  • Ocean Heights Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1017.1 84 2010
  • Infinity Tower Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1005 76 2013
  • Etihad Tower 5 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 1001 80 2011
  • Gramercy Residences Makati, Philippines 991 68 2012
  • Capital City Moscow Tower Moscow, Russia 989.5 76 2010
  • We’ve the Zenith Tower A Busan, South Korea 987.5 80 2011
  • Eureka Tower Melbourne, Australia 975.3 91 2006
  • Emirates Crown Dubai, United Arab Emirates 971.1 63 2008
  • i’Park Marina Tower 2 Busan, South Korea 962 72 2011

Air America?

Only two of the 40 tallest residential buildings in the world are in the United States, and both are in New York. Here are the tallest residential buildings in the United States.

Building – City – Floors – Height (feet)

  • Trump World Tower New York City 72 861
  • Barclay Tower New York City 56 673
  • 340 on the Park Chicago 64 672
  • 55 East Erie Chicago 56 647
  • Lake Point Tower Chicago 70 645
  • River East Center Chicago 58 644
  • Grand Plaza Apts. Chicago 57 641
  • One Rincon Hill San Francisco 54 641
  • Heritage @ Millennium Chicago 57 631
  • Central Park Place New York City 56 628

While most of the high-reaching residential buildings in the U.S. are concentrated in major cities like New York and Chicago, that doesn’t mean the rest of the country doesn’t see its share of skyscrapers.

Height – State – City – Building (feet) – Built – Purpose

Alabama Mobile RSA Battle House Tower 745 2007 Office
Alaska Anchorage Conoco-Phillips Building 296 1983 Office
Arizona Phoenix Chase Tower 483 1972 Office
Arkansas Little Rock Metropolitan National Bank Tower 546 1986 Office
California Los Angeles U.S. Bank Tower 1,018 1989 Office
Colorado Denver Republic Plaza 728 1984 Office
Connecticut Hartford City Place I 535 1984 Office
Delaware Wilmington Chase Manhattan Centre 330 1988 Office
Florida Miami Four Seasons Hotel & Tower 789 2003 Office/Residential/Hotel
Georgia Atlanta Bank of America Plaza 1,023 1992 Office
Hawaii Honolulu First Hawaiian Center 429 1996 Office
Idaho Boise US Bank Plaza 267 1978 Office
Illinois Chicago Willis Tower 1,451 1974 Office
Indiana Indianapolis Chase Tower 811 1990 Office
Iowa Des Moines 801 Grand (The Principal Building) 630 1991 Office
Kansas Wichita Epic Center 320 1989 Office
Kentucky Louisville AEGON Center 549 1993 Office
Louisiana New Orleans One Shell Square 697 1972 Office
Maine Portland Franklin Towers 204 1969 Residential
Maryland Baltimore Transamerica Tower 529 1971 Office
Massachusetts Boston John Hancock Tower 790 1976 Office
Michigan Detroit Renaissance Center 750 1977 Hotel
Minnesota Minneapolis IDS Center 792 1973 Office
Mississippi Biloxi Beau Rivage Casino Hotel 347 1999 Hotel
Missouri Kansas City One Kansas City Place 624 1988 Office
Montana Billings First Interstate Center 272 1985 Office
Nebraska Omaha First National Bank Tower 634 2002 Office
Nevada Paradise The Palazzo 642 2008 Hotel & Casino
New Hampshire Manchester City Hall Plaza 275 1992 Office
New Jersey Jersey City 30 Hudson Street 781 2004 Office
New Mexico Albuquerque Albuquerque Plaza 351 1990 Office
New York New York City One World Trade Center 1,776 2013 Office
North Carolina Charlotte Bank of America Corporate Center 871 1992 Office
North Dakota Bismarck North Dakota State Capitol 241 1934 Government
Ohio Cleveland Key Tower 947 1991 Office
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Devon Tower 850 2012 Office
Oregon Portland Wells Fargo Center 546 1972 Office
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Comcast Center 973 2008 Office
Rhode Island Providence Bank of America Building 428 1927 Office
South Carolina Abbeville Prysmian Copper Wire Tower 373 2009 Office
South Dakota Sioux Falls Qwest Tower 174 1962 Office
Tennessee Nashville AT&T Building 617 1994 Office
Texas Houston JPMorgan Chase Tower 1,002 1982 Office
Utah Salt Lake City Wells Fargo Center 442 1998 Office
Vermont Burlington Decker Towers 124 1970 Residential
Virginia Virginia Beach The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center 508 2007 Residential/Hotel
Washington Seattle Columbia Center 932 1985 Office
West Virginia Charleston West Virginia State Capitol 293 1932 Government
Wisconsin Milwaukee U.S. Bank Center 601 1973 Office
Wyoming Laramie White Hall 200 1960 Residential

*** I’m an Ohio guy so I thought I’d throw in the Key Tower here at the end and a pic of my favorite piece of architecture in the World.

Key Tower, Cleveland, Ohio. That’s where the Cleveland Browns play football in the background, and just beyond that is Lake Erie
Saturday in Columbus, Ohio
The 'shoe - Columbus, Ohio
The ‘shoe – Columbus, Ohio


By Rick Anderson

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