Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

“We are extremely excited to be part of the Nat Geo WILD family and look forward to sharing our love for the water feature lifestyle with viewers around the world. Stay tuned for more information!” says – Greg Wittstock- (Owner-CEO) I first met Greg Wittstock in the late 90’s and we kinda hit it off… Continue reading Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

Jeremy Taylor

“What can be more foolish than to think that all this rare fabric of heaven and earth could come by chance, when all the skill of science is not able to make an oyster?” – Jeremy Taylor [Most popular image on the blog! ] _______________________________________________________ Addendum: So my yearly break to refresh and rejuvenate is over.… Continue reading Jeremy Taylor

The Stages of a Landscape Plan

There is a great commentary string(prompted by detailed specifics) on a post by the County Clerk, the post is A Plan Coalesces: Hank is giving us the blow-by-blow on his dealings with his property, his landscape, and now his hiring of an LA to come up with a plan, and it’s turned into a fascinating… Continue reading The Stages of a Landscape Plan

I’ll be Speaking at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

On October 21st I’ll be giving the keynote speech at the 2-day conference for the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario, titled “Make a Splash: A Natural Approach to Water Gardens“. I was asked to come up with a title and short description for my talk and this is what we have initially come up… Continue reading I’ll be Speaking at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

An Appreciation of Stone (21)

[Ston Wurks by Rick Anderson] To carry on the theme from earlier in the week of the Easter Island Moai. I have decided to sneak in one of my earlier stone head offerings. These early heads are scattered far and wide across the U.S. and who knows what has happened to most of these heads.… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (21)