Sketchbook #2

posted, 09/16/06 Waterfeature This was a black and white line drawing I had scanned from one of my idea books, and turned into a color drawing using Paintnet. I guess what I am really doing is using several different types of mediums now when I doodle. I have often talked about how important it is… Continue reading Sketchbook #2

Seminar sketchbook (4)

. “The space is more important than the objects.” – ? “There is only one definition of success-to spend your own life your own way.” –Mark Twain “Why not go out on a limb, thats where the fruit is anyway.” –Shirley Mclaine “Spend whatever the amount is, but spend the amount with integrity.” –Ryan Gainey

Rendering . . . Designing with Graphic Thought

posted; 07/16/06 For me the design process is a continual manipulation of lines on a surface(paper). At some point I achieve what I am looking for. Well, most of the time I find what I am looking for-though I am not sure some of my friends would agree with this.