Fireplace Possibility (6)

Okay, after some back and forth, looking at this design, then taking a look at another design, or four-we have come to a consensus. And a very good consensus it is. Here it is. [ The winner, after much discussion, I hope this will be a Rumford designed fireplace.] The Particulars: The rustic angles at… Continue reading Fireplace Possibility (6)

Fireplace Posibility (5)

Back in the last post we(actually it’s just “I”) were trying to pull all the previous post together about this custom designed outdoor fireplace with wood storage as part of the focal point this fireplace is to become . . . a confusing sentence I think. What I am trying to say is that it’s… Continue reading Fireplace Posibility (5)

Fireplace Posibility (4)

After some lengthy deliberation by the clients we are now closer to a final design for the large patio fireplace discussed in previous post. This was the last post where I posted a rendering showing large storage and a more conventional firebox and stone surround. Before that I posted the below shot: [Let’s focus on… Continue reading Fireplace Posibility (4)

Fireplace Posibility (3)

Here’s another look at a possible fireplace for these homeowners. [A more interesting storage area for firewood.] I also took a very un-symmetrical look at the sides and a random edge on the right . . . more of a unpolished, rugged look. I want to get away from all that pretty symmetry of the… Continue reading Fireplace Posibility (3)