Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”

Electricity !!!

Designer, creator, inventor, problem solver, solution finder, all of those/us, and even more, can find great inspiration in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. We aren’t the genius he is-me especially, but there is a kernel of truth, or two, for all of us to take away. It’s absolutely amazing to try and comprehend… Continue reading Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”

Supermarket Without Bees: The Produce Section Without Pollinators

Bees at Work

Everyone who knows just a little about bees knows that we would be in a World of shit without them. There would be serious problems and there are serious concerns about the health of bees and bee colonies Worldwide. Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) is a real thing and there’s good reason to be scared and not… Continue reading Supermarket Without Bees: The Produce Section Without Pollinators

Walking through a Stoneyard

Some sights from my half day walk through David Hochstetler’s layout a few days ago. New sandstone, old sandstone. Rescued sandstone curbing and walkways. Gate post galore. Great old troughs, and more. Creative Touch Landscape Supply is located on Kidron rd. Just north of Kidron, Ohio. Or just south of Ohio SR30. If you stop… Continue reading Walking through a Stoneyard

Spring Grasses and Bulbs

Nice information from Hoffman Nursery on the pairing of bulbs and spring ornamental grasses. As usual good info from John and his staff. Chicago Botanical Garden

Sudan on the Bucket list

Photo by David McEachan on

  “To glimpse these Egyptian deities, portrayed so clearly in the grave of a man who died in 653BC, is an utter privilege – but, without context, also misleading. For El Kurru lies not in Egypt, but in Sudan – 275 miles north of the capital Khartoum. Strange? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Because the realm… Continue reading Sudan on the Bucket list

There is No Average in this program

Coach Hayes

Larry Johnson coach of the defensive line for THE Ohio State University. Motivation at it’s finest.   Very lucky to have a coach like Larry Johnson on this staff to push our team past THE EDGE to become ELITE — Urban Meyer (@OSUCoachMeyer) August 17, 2016