Walking through a Stoneyard

Some sights from my half day walk through David Hochstetler’s layout a few days ago. New sandstone, old sandstone. Rescued sandstone curbing and walkways. Gate post galore. Great old troughs, and more. Creative Touch Landscape Supply is located on Kidron rd. Just north of Kidron, Ohio. Or just south of Ohio SR30. If you stop… Continue reading Walking through a Stoneyard

What’s a landing, without some Steps . . . and a Deck

OK listen up; it’s follow-up time. Remember way back when in the previous post we were talking about what type of landing I was thinking about for this particular project? Well now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. The real deal, it’s now for all the marbles. Now we got a deck, and some… Continue reading What’s a landing, without some Steps . . . and a Deck

A Tale of Two Levels (cont.)

So here is an earlier drawing where I was looking at the possibilities from head-on; that is, from a person looking from the lower level. I liked this look . . . but wasn’t sure if it was working. Then after I was done scribbling this I noticed that the wall heights were really 3… Continue reading A Tale of Two Levels (cont.)

Previous Front Entry

posted; 05/00/06 This look was coming straight down the stairs, with all vertical movement, and flat to the drive. Yesterday’s image was more steps, shorter risers/wider treads-it will be interesting to see which way homeowner’s go . . .