Columns amd or post for Pergolas
From the Moleskine

[ Columns, posts, supports for pergolas. ]

Just some doodles out of the sketchbook. I seem to spend a lot of time considering pergola details these days.


Addendum: 1st post with the new WordPress dashboard. it sure is different and will take some getting used to. I did like the image upload, but it had space for caption-which I entered and I have not seen it pop up anywhere.

3 Replies to “From the Sketchbook (4)”

  1. The second and fifth from left are the only ones that ‘trip my trigger’.
    Woud take some special detail on dwelling to give validation to ANY of the others.
    Like the shading / shadows #2 & #5 could / would provide

    Good to see the old “trigger can still be tripped”. When I was sketching these I had nothing specific in mind. In fact I was waiting on my breakfast at the local diner.


    Those two seem to have the most wide ranging possibilities. Maybe the others are best suited for arbor or trellis work-trellis work . . .trelliage work, whatever.

  2. As with Buckeye in Indy, I am drawn to columns 2 and 5. They remain full and stalwart, meant to support and carry the pergola’s entablature.

    If I had to choose I would say that I resonate most with #2 for its solidnes. For me, solid wood speaks of authenticity and craft whereas composite construction implys ‘making do.’ The same can be said for the upper horizontal elements of the pergola.

    The others seem to be violated. Perhaps that term is too strong. Their structural integrety is compromised.

    However, if the architectural style of the setting is suitable all of the columns will suffice.

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