From the Sketchbook (4)

[ Columns, posts, supports for pergolas. ] Just some doodles out of the sketchbook. I seem to spend a lot of time considering pergola details these days. ____________________________________________________________ Addendum: 1st post with the new WordPress dashboard. it sure is different and will take some getting used to. I did like the image upload, but it… Continue reading From the Sketchbook (4)

Practice that Sketching

A few examples of different stages of doodling to quick sketches for a job. Keep practicing, and keep drawing to sharpen the hand/eye co-ordination. Also to pick up speed, speed comes from practice and confidence. Speed comes from practice and confidence, the training leads you to trust your skills. [Some quick line to get the… Continue reading Practice that Sketching

A link kind of day

Some old Doodle A interesting article from Southern California about ripping out the yard and filling it full of plants. Katie Campbell has written a book called Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, here’s an excerpt: In her book, Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, Campbell explores 29 sites, from Parc Guell, Gaudi’s Art Nouveau extravaganza in… Continue reading A link kind of day

Seminar sketchbook (4)

. “The space is more important than the objects.” – ? “There is only one definition of success-to spend your own life your own way.” –Mark Twain “Why not go out on a limb, thats where the fruit is anyway.” –Shirley Mclaine “Spend whatever the amount is, but spend the amount with integrity.” –Ryan Gainey