So I’m thinking about steps and people, people and steps . . . . . .

section drawing, people drawing

[ Like I said, people and steps. ]


  • Where does the landing(s) g0?
  • Where does the plaza go?
  • Where do the seat walls go? At which levels?
  • Tree’s? Shrubs? Trees and shrubs?
  • Brick? Block? Brick and Stone?

Nothing better than people and steps, steps and people . . .

One Reply to “Design Process (2)”

  1. Oh the luxury of slope; for without it there would be no steps, only people. Or if steps, where would be the destination.

    One more question: Where and how to put a pergola on the steps for the enjoyment by the people? Or a pergola with wings spread over the landings.

    I like your concepts Rick.

    They’ve asked for a design w/pergola but have not indicated that the money exist for that much structure-we will see, am working on this project this week(4/7-10)

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