Driveway Conceptual (gathering space)

posted, 10/17/06 Conceptual drawing for entryway This drawing was to give the clients a look at a more formal entrway to their front door. Using a circular driveway paved with a common material, except for the area right in front of the entry into the house. This area would be out of some sort of… Continue reading Driveway Conceptual (gathering space)

Residential Plan View Drawing

posted, 09/20/06 Residential Plan View This is an example of a plan view drawing. Most in this industry call this the master plan drawing. The reasoning behind this, everything is on the plan. The hardscape layouts, fence lines, driveway, bed areas, and all plants are labeled.

Color Renderings and Plan View Conceptual

posted/09/08/06 Plan view of the Pond This shows the lagoon-pond area in plan view. The backdrop of the conifers, and some of the surrounding plant material, including the aquatics that flow from the pond out on the edges of the banks of the pond. The drawing also shows the relationship of this area to the… Continue reading Color Renderings and Plan View Conceptual

Conceptual Drawings for Terrace and Patio 2

posted; 07/25/06 This is a continuation on the previous post, so if you’re new to the party-start there. Above is my note page for this backyard, in the old days . . . before digital images, and before the Kodaks with the instant photo there would have been a lot more note taking, a lot… Continue reading Conceptual Drawings for Terrace and Patio 2

Rendering . .. Designing with Graphic Thought (2)

posted; 07/17/06 More examples of how I look at graphics to think/create/decide visually. For you designers on the less-experienced side-do not be afraid to go through a lot of “trash” to get you to where your design needs to get to. Overlay, on top of overlay, on top of overlay-work those lines. Work to create… Continue reading Rendering . .. Designing with Graphic Thought (2)

A Tale of Two Conceptuals.

posted; 07/12/06 This conceptual uses a design principle called “arc and tangent”. Where everything (most things) start out as rectangles and squares, and then are rounded off-connecting arcs/ I have been using a lot of this lately and there is a reason why. I was getting lazy with a lot of lines. Lines for walks,… Continue reading A Tale of Two Conceptuals.

More on the Entrance, from yesterday.

posted; 06/19/06 I usually do all my thinking on just black line drawings-usually just a Sharpie, red line pencil, or blue lead pencil. Those are my thinking tools. In this case I needed to throw in a little quick color and send this to the contractor of record. So I opened up this rough plan… Continue reading More on the Entrance, from yesterday.

Conceptual drawings: Plan View vs. Rendering

posted; 06/12/06 This is the plan view drawing for a project from a couple of yrs. ago. This was done after the drawing below was presented to the client. Here I am trying to show; in scale, how everything relates in this space. Patio, bridge, stream, pond, waterfalls, firepit, and plantings. This was the 1st… Continue reading Conceptual drawings: Plan View vs. Rendering