Eisenhower Memorial is it the Right Memorial?

Key arts panel approves Eisenhower Memorial  Big memorial in Washington DC gets built without a lot of controversy. Not a chance. Nope, no different this time for the planned/proposed memorial for Dwight D. Eisenhower. The President who led America through the “Happy Days” of the 1950’s and was in charge of the “Greatest Generation” during… Continue reading Eisenhower Memorial is it the Right Memorial?

Green Architecture by Vo Trong Nghia

Stacking Green in Ho Chi Minh City

With all the emphasis on the building green movement it was really great to find this article at Dezeen about an architect in Vietnam who was going all out in green friendly housing. Borrowing on old city philosophy but using modern architecture, technology, and materials Vo Trong Nghia built Stacking Green. I Thought  I’d throw… Continue reading Green Architecture by Vo Trong Nghia

An appreciation of Stone (41)

This is another example of great craftsmanship, skill, and pride in one’s work. [ Just spectacular handwork. ] Here’s another example from the same castle/residence. [ Stone work, it doesn’t get any better than this. ] Everyone should have a front door like this . . . shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t we? Texturing, the hand work,… Continue reading An appreciation of Stone (41)