Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

“We are extremely excited to be part of the Nat Geo WILD family and look forward to sharing our love for the water feature lifestyle with viewers around the world. Stay tuned for more information!” says – Greg Wittstock- (Owner-CEO) I first met Greg Wittstock in the late 90’s and we kinda hit it off… Continue reading Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

Claro House on Architizer

Interesting modern residential design for a private residence in Santiago, Chile. I was able to C&P the article below, but it’s tough to appreciate without pictures. Follow the link to check out images of the residence. I am always fascinated by this type of residence because they are really tough when it comes to making… Continue reading Claro House on Architizer

Eisenhower Memorial is it the Right Memorial?

Key arts panel approves Eisenhower Memorial  Big memorial in Washington DC gets built without a lot of controversy. Not a chance. Nope, no different this time for the planned/proposed memorial for Dwight D. Eisenhower. The President who led America through the “Happy Days” of the 1950’s and was in charge of the “Greatest Generation” during… Continue reading Eisenhower Memorial is it the Right Memorial?

Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

On the rooftop, it's illegal

This story is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Crazy acupuncturist builds a mountain villa on his apartment complex and he neglects to tell anyone about it. It’s like something you’d see in a Bond movie. Crazy mad-man villain sitting atop his stronghold in a fortified mountain villa, all the while drinking a ’56 Dom Perignon… Continue reading Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

Movin’ On Up-The Skyscraper

Movin’ On Up Who’s the tallest of them all I was sent a note on this terrific infographic baecause I was on a list of the top Architectural Blogs(no doubt in the landscape section). The infograph is really well done and everyone knows my love for architecture and the relationship architecture has with landscape design-the… Continue reading Movin’ On Up-The Skyscraper

Noel Kingsbury on the Japanese garden

Ryoanji Temple, Japan

Noel Kingsbury the famous English author is doing a multi-part posting on his blog about Japanese Gardens. I’ve decided to link to this because Mr. Kingsbury doesn’t do the usual and fawn all over every little aspect and detail of the Japanese Garden and, and YEAH!!! he acknowledges the real difference between Japanese and Chinese… Continue reading Noel Kingsbury on the Japanese garden

Green Architecture by Vo Trong Nghia

Stacking Green in Ho Chi Minh City

With all the emphasis on the building green movement it was really great to find this article at Dezeen about an architect in Vietnam who was going all out in green friendly housing. Borrowing on old city philosophy but using modern architecture, technology, and materials Vo Trong Nghia built Stacking Green. I Thought  I’d throw… Continue reading Green Architecture by Vo Trong Nghia