Still getting plenty of comments on “Trees we do not Like”, over a hundred comments. So time for something different. Let’s go off in another direction.

Speaking of trees we like:

treebears by Matthews

[Illustration by Matthews]

This anthropomorphic tree-figure reminded me of the forest coming alive, and how long ago the was respect, mystery, awe, and respect for the majestic tree. From Giornale Nuovo I found this interpretation of a tree that was alive:

Pietro Cafferi

[By Pietro Ciafferi (1600-54), also known as lo smargiasso (‘the braggart’)]

2 Replies to “Treebeard”

  1. I have three memories of trees. One was extremely positive; several decades ago, my parents had a very old apple tree in their backyard. One summer, I spent everyday in that tree. I read the entire Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden series in limbs that completely hid me from civilization.
    Flash back even from then; the scene from the movie Wizard of Oz where the trees spoke to Judy Garland terrified me!
    Present tense: a horrible wind storm pulled a shallow rooted, very large and old willow tree up by its roots in my rural backyard. In that tree, my then 10 year old son spied on a topless sunbather from his treehouse. After it was removed and leveled, it was 2-3 years before I could even look at the blank spot!

    Thanks for sharing Auburn! I appreciate it,, and please stop back in again.

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