Snowed In???

So we are supposed to get anywhere from 8″-14″ of snow by tomorrow. Will we? Up until about an hour ago I’d have said no way . . . it’s 3:00 EST, looking out the window at this moment we are getting blasted. Giant snowflakes coming almost straight down, looks like a major snow coming… Continue reading Snowed In???

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My Pots, in the Winter Snow

The big snow we are getting today called me to action, grabbing the camera kind of action. Julie likes to refer to the pot on the left as the flying saucer.  Add on the snow and I now believe it looks somewhat alien in appearance. I’d like to add that the flying saucer brings great… Continue reading My Pots, in the Winter Snow

The Importance of Hardscape Design (5)

More on yesterdays Hardscape Plan Now we can take a look at where that sandstone walkway goes to. The bridge leads directly to the fire pit area, in a very enclosed area. Just above the fire pit is the mound with boulders and plantings. To the bottom side the pond surrounds the fire pit. I… Continue reading The Importance of Hardscape Design (5)