Pierre Boitard

A interesting looking book just sold on e-bay for $1.031.00 Not bad for a 1834 book on Garden Architecture. Here’s a blurb on the listing: Pierre Boitard’s 1834 Manuel de L’Architecte des Jardins. Handsomely bound in red morocco, this very rare volume presents an unparalleled picture of every aspect of garden landscaping and garden architecture […]

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A Tale of Two Levels (cont.)

So here is an earlier drawing where I was looking at the possibilities from head-on; that is, from a person looking from the lower level. I liked this look . . . but wasn’t sure if it was working. Then after I was done scribbling this I noticed that the wall heights were really 3 […]

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A Tale of Two Levels

[ A ink line drawing, for me this one one of many concept sketches of the area. ] Possible solution for some student seating between two apartment buildings for upper level and graduate students. The newer apartments off to the left are about 4.0ft higher than the existing apartments to the right. The Task I […]

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Design Process (2)

So I’m thinking about steps and people, people and steps . . . . . . [ Like I said, people and steps. ] Question’s Where does the landing(s) g0? Where does the plaza go? Where do the seat walls go? At which levels? Tree’s? Shrubs? Trees and shrubs? Brick? Block? Brick and Stone? Nothing […]

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Patio Design 2

posted, 08/21/06 More drawings and a continuation from the post on the 18th of this month. This a a sectional drawing showing how all these elements will relate to each other in scale. This type of scale drawing helps show the human element and really focuses in on how much space is needed to pull […]

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More on the Terrace Design

posted; 07/28/06 This is another drawing of the same angle with different materials. I’m going to call this a warm-up drawing for the day. I did change the paver material color and lower how the plants would look. Sectional Drawing: Not quite a true sectional because I added a few things that would not be […]

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