Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

“We are extremely excited to be part of the Nat Geo WILD family and look forward to sharing our love for the water feature lifestyle with viewers around the world. Stay tuned for more information!” says – Greg Wittstock- (Owner-CEO) I first met Greg Wittstock in the late 90’s and we kinda hit it off… Continue reading Aquascape Goes Wild, Nat Geo Wild

German Baroque Water Park Makes Splash

From the Article, and links(link to park website) to the sight ::: With its Hercules statue towering above a massive water cascade, romantic gardens and castle, Germanys Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe has long been a marvel of baroque landscape design. As of last month, its also a UNESCO world heritage site. More from the article ::: The… Continue reading German Baroque Water Park Makes Splash

Fallingwater in Oil

Eamon O’Kane’s oil painting of Americas most well known house. I have seen a lot of different interpretations of Fallingwater, this one really jumps. It also seems the point of view is from a lower angle than the typical view of this side of the house with the waterfall. From the acompanying text of the… Continue reading Fallingwater in Oil

From the sketchbook (sorta’)

This was from the sketchbook(moleskine), and was done on-site so I could show the contractor what I was thinking about in reference to the space. The idea for the space was to add a waterfall and a small body of water right up near the pool’s edge. The drawing in black and white was good… Continue reading From the sketchbook (sorta’)

Breaking down a Stream, a Teaching ah-ha!

  [ This little stream was the #1topic. ] A couple of post back I talked about the workshop I held on designing and building waterfeatures and of all the jobs we looked on this day the above stream was easily the most discussed waterfeature. The workshop attendees had me go into great detail about… Continue reading Breaking down a Stream, a Teaching ah-ha!