Parking Court, 3rd look

Posted 02/19/06 This is a hint of what visitors will see as they pull up into the parking court. Homeowners and regular company will use the drive off to the right. This shot was taken just a few days ago. This winter the weather seems to have been unusually mild and some work has continued. […]

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Parking Court, another view

Here is a look from the parking court back toward where the previous picture was taken. This mixing of materials is at the absolute maximum. Why this will work is each of the surface materials is for different reasons. Brick pavers are for vehicular traffic, and bluestone is for pedestrian traffic. The walls and caps […]

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Sunshine and Trac-hoes

I miss not being able to work with trac-hoes as much as I used too. Moving the really big boulders and making something happen. This type of work takes a very specific kind of job, the right client, the right site, available stone, and the ability to move it. A fair amount of visualization helps […]

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