Hot Tub . . . where does it go?

posted, 09/26/06 This is the existing landscape I was asked to come up with an idea for a designed space where the seating area was extended out onto the existing lawn, a perennial/cutting garden above the wall, and find a place for a hot-tub. It made sense to tie the hot-tub into the deck space […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (8)

posted/09/00/06 Firepit; Rick Anderson style. This is a firepit area I designed for a client, my thought process was simple here: What if Fred Flintstone was a Landscape Designer? Thats how I came up with the stone seating for the circle, a ring of stones for the fireplace, and of course a stone bridge over […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (5)

posted, 08/20/06 The two photos are from a job of mine installed back in the mid-90’s in South Carolina. The stone is from Briar Hill a Stoneyard/Quarry in Central, Ohio. I have always liked Briar Hill, and will always continue to try and find ways to use it on work I design. The wall stone […]

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Update on the Terrace

posted,08/15/06 The drawings of the terrace I had been showing over the past couple of days took a final turn yesterday. After e-mailing the client that I had posted the rendering of his deck idea, I received a quick reply . . . “Oh we are going with extending the concrete and round off the […]

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Terrace Design, another attempt

posted; 08/08/06 This job is a prime example of being called in late on the job. The homeowner has committed to certain aspects of the job and is unwilling/unable/inflexible in his desire to change. The steps are going in on the far right of this photo . . . no matter what. Also the short […]

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Waterfall needed

posted; 07/00/06 Yippee !!!! Look what I get to design and work on . . . after the fact. The spa is poured, the walls are up, and the deck has been installed. Now they want the waterfall(to look natural) to go in against this wall; look dramatic, look natural, and work perfectly. Uh, did […]

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Rubber Sidewalks are here

posted; 07/26/06 While perusing through Yahoo news I caught this story about rubber sidewalks. The story refers to doing something with all the tires that we Americans dispose of every year. They also mention cost-3 times what concrete would be. . . that’s expensive. Especially in a commercial or municipal setting. Which would be the […]

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Hardscape Ideas

posted; 07/00/06 Here’s one for you to try, a combination of brick and stone. The small retaining wall stone is sandstone from Briar Hill. It’s a quarry in central Ohio. I have other pictures from the quarry here. This is the final product brick and stone. For fun add a 2,700 lb. bench. Comments? Questions? […]

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A Decision Reached

posted; 07/13/06 A couple of posts ago, I talked about this plan view conceptual vs. the other example posted. I discussed the pros and cons of each and added a few other thoughts. This was the one that was chosen for the project. The client liked the possibility of students being able to interact between […]

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Terrace Design

posted; 06/05/06 This was a proposal for a terrace overlooking a valley in some rolling Ohio farmland. The space was a 100 or so feet from the house and would have been a nice walk over; coffee cup in hand, to enjoy the morning.

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