More on the Sandstone Bench

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posted, 11/27/06
From the yard, a look before final facing
Comments, e-mails, even a phone call. Thought I would show a few more shots of this rather large bench. You can see part of the walkway, a combination of pavers, sandstone slabs, and wood for the bridge.

A look from top of walkway:
This is a look of the project/walkway in the fall, you can see down to the bench on the left. I was asked to create a pleasant walkway from the front of the house to the pool house.

The client was very adamant in her desire that the walk would be interesting, and those visitors getting out of their vehicles would be able to look over to a very pleasant scene.

The walkway is over 120 ft. long, and the width varies from 5 to 8 feet. All the rules for walkways were thrown out, rules for steps were thrown out, pretty much all rules were thrown out. In the end it was all about the aesthetic, the visual, the experience.

One Reply to “More on the Sandstone Bench”

  1. 2 comments:

    Alina Chau said…

    Haven’t stop by for a long while, soo many wonderful postings. Beautiful landscape design and lovely concept sketches!! 🙂
    2:52 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Thanks Alina, I’ve been looking at your new sketches and your doing great stuff, keep it up.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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