Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

I’ll make this post a simple one. I’ve known Pearl Fryar for a very long time and there’s going to come a day when he is unable to take care of this magnificent garden and we need to make sure his vision stay’s alive. “I like to let people see what they want to in… Continue reading Donate to The Pearl Fryar Garden

F Scott Fitzgerald Improved Reading List

Can you improve on F Scott Fitzgerald’s improving reading list? Fitzgerald thought he’d prescribed 22 essential books to his nurse. Uh, wow After reading this articel I came to the conclusion that I have a lot of catching up to do according to Mr. Fitzgerald from this article found in The Guardian. Then I thought about… Continue reading F Scott Fitzgerald Improved Reading List

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

— You’ll need a translator for the site. The link is below(bottom of story). Info is copy/pasted from the site. Some of the pics of the actual plant mosiacs come from the So Bad So Good website. This is direct link to page. Funny, when I went to page for the event there were no… Continue reading International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

The Untermyer Gardens, a New York Pairidaeza

Story from the Wall Street Journal | by Lee Lawrence ::: Part of the Story ::: According to a 1918 article in Architectural Review, the need for a privacy wall along what is now North Broadway dictated Bosworth’s approach. Rather than looking to European and Japanese models as he had for Rockefeller, he drew inspiration… Continue reading The Untermyer Gardens, a New York Pairidaeza

Land Artist Walter De Maria dies of Stroke

Land artist Walter De Maria dies of stroke, aged 77 The “uncompromising” creator of The Lightning Field and The New York Earth Room shied away from the spotlight ***** Many thanks to the Art Newsletter for this article on Walter De Maria. Mr. Maria was one of the many land artist back in the 70’s… Continue reading Land Artist Walter De Maria dies of Stroke

Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”

Electricity !!!

Designer, creator, inventor, problem solver, solution finder, all of those/us, and even more, can find great inspiration in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. We aren’t the genius he is-me especially, but there is a kernel of truth, or two, for all of us to take away. It’s absolutely amazing to try and comprehend… Continue reading Nikola Tesla; More than a “Mad Scientist”

What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

Found out that Mr. Goldsworthy has some new installations, and a couple on new shows going on. Here’s the lowdown. [Immediately tell it’s a Goldsworthy.] I thought this little nugget was quite interesting; For many people, Goldsworthy’s works with blood and excrement are disturbing. But the artist says he is only trying to reflect nature… Continue reading What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

The Lone Icicle

No story I just like this shot, it says so many things about the possibilities of water.