Spring Grasses and Bulbs

Nice information from Hoffman Nursery on the pairing of bulbs and spring ornamental grasses. As usual good info from John and his staff. Chicago Botanical Garden http://hoffmannursery.com/blog/article/landscape-journal-creating-spring-garden-interest

Claro House on Architizer

Interesting modern residential design for a private residence in Santiago, Chile. I was able to C&P the article below, but it’s tough to appreciate without pictures. Follow the link to check out images of the residence. I am always fascinated by this type of residence because they are really tough when it comes to making… Continue reading Claro House on Architizer

Noel Kingsbury on the Japanese garden

Ryoanji Temple, Japan

Noel Kingsbury the famous English author is doing a multi-part posting on his blog about Japanese Gardens. I’ve decided to link to this because Mr. Kingsbury doesn’t do the usual and fawn all over every little aspect and detail of the Japanese Garden and, and YEAH!!! he acknowledges the real difference between Japanese and Chinese… Continue reading Noel Kingsbury on the Japanese garden

Cardok the Unusual Driveway

CARDOK ||| via UNCRATE Whether you want to repurpose your existing garage, or just make more room in your off-street parking area, you can safely stow your car underground with the Cardok ($TBA). This galvanized steel, electro-hydraulic lift system can store two cars — one underneath, and one on top — thanks to a lift… Continue reading Cardok the Unusual Driveway

Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ 2014 Plant of the Year™

Panicum v 'Northwind'

Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ 2014 Plant of the Year™ All right: let me just say straight off that I found this story on John Hoffman’s Facebook page, went to the link, read the story, and then just lifted the whole darn thing to my blog-thanks John!!! I’ve known John for a very long time, a long… Continue reading Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ 2014 Plant of the Year™

Spring Awakening | Dwell

A really great article in Dwell about this really well designed space in San Francisco, it worth a look for a few more pics and the res of the short article. Really well done. SPRING AWAKENING A landscape architect in San Francisco harnesses an underground water source to create a lush marshland in his own… Continue reading Spring Awakening | Dwell

The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013

Moleskine fun

This headline was aimed at LA’s but I know a lot of LD’s haunt the same sites and look at the same information. Even though the focus of the disciplines is different in the end we are looking for the same kind(s) of information, inspiration, and on-topic cultural themes. I am quite familiar with some… Continue reading The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013

Steps; Design to Build

I have decided that yesterday’s addendum deserved a stand alone post. I have also added 4 links at the bottom that will send you to older post that also deal with this same subject matter. Yesterday: Addendum: Here again we are dealing with the steps in the design process. I can’t seem to get past… Continue reading Steps; Design to Build

The Stages of a Landscape Plan

There is a great commentary string(prompted by detailed specifics) on a post by the County Clerk, the post is A Plan Coalesces: Hank is giving us the blow-by-blow on his dealings with his property, his landscape, and now his hiring of an LA to come up with a plan, and it’s turned into a fascinating… Continue reading The Stages of a Landscape Plan