Design Principles(09)

In DP(08) I thought I was finished talking about color, or I thought I was finished sending you to sites that discuss all the great things concerning color. Well; as usual, I was wrong. Not that any of you are surprised that I was wrong. Heck you guys probably always think I am wrong about […]

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Design Principles (08)

In several previous post I went through the very elemental beginnings of my take on Landscape Design Principles. The last was how I looked at design when considering motion, and the two parts of motion; static and dynamic. Now let me turn my attention to the most discussed of all landscape design principles . .  […]

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Pearl Fryar on HGTV Tonite

There is a 1-hour documentary on the man considered the finest Topiarist in North America. Those “in-the-know” types all agree that Pearl is the man when it comes to topiary. There’s always going to be obstacles. The thing you do is don’t let those obstacles determine where you go.  –Pear Fryar I have seen this […]

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Some Interesting Sites (2)

Here’s a list of links that I have come across the past few day which you may find of some interest. A resource for LA’s there is plenty of stuff for the LD here. Look down a post or two to find the post on Carbonmade, a new way to display images on your website. […]

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50 Top Gardens in Europe

The Telegraph has written a two-part article about the 50 best gardens, and it includes a slideshow. This is one of those list worth keeping. To use when you get ready to plan that next trip to Europe. Or, the 1st trip to Europe. I tried to set up a link to the print page […]

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Vases in the Garden

Today I was hit with another one of those ah-ha thunderbolts. It was like “well hell yeah I knew that, but I had just never said that out loud”. A statement so clear in vision, so simple in design, so darn obvious in execution: “A vase should never, in the open air, be set down […]

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More on the Flower Clock

Back in March of last year I wrote a long post about Carl Linnaeus, Horologium flore, and the Flower Clock. I wrote something to the effect of how cool and idea it was and that I was not that thrilled with the idea of pulling this off on a practical basis. Let alone an impractical […]

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Okay Gardeners, go take a look

Hey folks this guy; James Sinclair, can garden, he can garden like a mad man-I ain’t kidding. I am giving you 2 links one to his main garden page at his garden called Blackpitts(I wonder if I’ll name my garden someday), the other is to the home page where you can click on a lnk […]

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Juniperus chinensis ‘Hetzii’

Welcome back to another one from ‘murderer’s row‘ as we count down to Shrubs We do Not Like. We are talking about Juniper c. ‘Hetzii’, or as I learned the common name Hetzi Juniper. This Juniper is a shrub I can promise you I will never plant-ever, no matter what. Form, shape, size, habit, needles, […]

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Creating a Forest Garden

My forest in the Fall The area you are looking at is the start of my forest garden, luckily for me I have this great canopy to work with. From there I had originally thought it was a matter of adding other vegetative layers to make this a successful garden space. How wrong I was […]

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