A Decision Reached

posted; 07/13/06 A couple of posts ago, I talked about this plan view conceptual vs. the other example posted. I discussed the pros and cons of each and added a few other thoughts. This was the one that was chosen for the project. The client liked the possibility of students being able to interact between […]

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Doodling a Landscape Rendering

posted; 06/26/06 This was the simple black line drawing before anything was done. Rendering after adding some color pencil, decided to just fool around with pencils this morning, and not soak up any fumes from markers. I don’t really like to render in pencil only, I use pencils to enhance the marker work done for […]

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Further Pergola Study

posted; 06/16/06 Another rendering of the site-before any labeling. This is at an angle further back than yesterday’s post. Also no embellishment, dots doo-dads etc. Looks strange without those final little marks to make a presentation drawing. I will probably present this in the initial meeting-because we are in the exploratory stage. Not the stage […]

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Pergola Design 2

posted; 06/01/06 This is a look at the same area of the previous entry on Tuesday. This look not only shows the overhead area, but it also shows the proposed layout for the patio space, walls, and cooking area. The patio only has the one exit, my intent here was to bring guest along a […]

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